Reformer Pilates
  • Reformer Basics

    Reformer Basics

    During the Basics class the exercises will be broken down ensuring great technique. This style of class runs at a slower pace and intensity. Perfect for new students and those who have had a break between exercise. Level : All
  • Reformer Progressive

    Reformer Progressive

    Progressive classes are a higher intensity and faster paced than Basics Classes. More advanced exercises and more repetitions for a challenging workout to get results. Level – Intermediate Level : Intermediate
  • Reformer Strength & Stretch

    Reformer Strength & Stretch

    A reformer class where you will work on strength, stretching and flexibility. Class is open to all levels and is great for muscle strengthening, rehabilitation as well as increasing flexibility through your body. Level : All
  • Reformer BOOTAY ABT

    Reformer BOOTAY ABT

    This reformer class works through abs, butts and thighs with special attention to that trunk. Get ready for a great workout for that peachy behind! Level : Intermediate
  • Reformer Power

    Reformer Power

    A high intensity workout with increased repetitions and includes higher weights. This challenging workout includes more advanced exercises. Level : Intermediate
Aerial Yoga
  • Aerial Yoga FUNdamentals

    Aerial Yoga FUNdamentals

    Fundamentals is an introductory AntiGravity class most suitable for new students and those wanting a gentle practice, but is open to all. Here you will discover the power, excitement, and pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space. You will become familiar with the Antigravity Hammock and the new sensations of both inversions and flying, while building knowledge of foundational movements essential to progression in the Aerial Yoga practice. The movements are broken down incrementally, incorporating zero compression inversions, suspended stretching and most important, FUN! Flip, swing and fly through space without even noticing that you’re working out. Level : Beginner Prerequisite : An Open Mind
  • Aerial Yoga Intermediate

    Aerial Yoga Intermediate

    In Intermediate we build on foundation knowledge from beginners classes to expand your poses and work deeper on strength and flexibility in new poses and sequences. Flip, sing and fly through space without even noticing that you’re doing a workout! Level : Intermediate Prerequisite : 5 – 10 FUNdamentals classes
  • Advanced Aerial Yoga

    Advanced Aerial Yoga

    Discover your ananda (blissful joy) in levitating meditations. Gain strength in your yoga practice as you challenge yourself to stretch further and attempt more difficult positions in the hammock. Explore the evolution of yoga into 3-dimensional space through this mind/body/spirit class where you will learn to execute both flying asanas and vinyasa variations. Level : Advanced Pre requisite : Minimum of 5 Intermediate and/or instructor endorsement.
  • Aerial Restorative

    Aerial Restorative

    AntiGravity Restorative Yoga is the gentle, meditative, slow stretching and rehabilitative version of Aerial Yoga. This powerful method focuses the mind through visualizations as it floats the body through a series of gently gyro-kinetic motions, deeply opening the entire spine, hips and the connective tissues of the body. Each class features full body inversions alongside various forms of flowing spinal traction. It offers accessibility to students with physical limitations, but is loved by all as a portal into deeper spinal flexibility and mind/body connection. Restorative is taught in a sequential flow to music and incorporates levitation meditations, zero compression inversions, supported sun salutations, joint opening poses, and a floating sivasana, while working from different hammock heights to allow for a gentle opening of the hips and spine. Level : ALL Prerequisite : An Open Mind
  • Aerial Dance

    Aerial Dance

    Aerial Dance develops ideal bodylines through the toning and lengthening of muscles, while also developing balance and agility. This class features dance conditioning and the class ends with a dance sequence. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast eager to try to new forms, a dancer who wants to explore the air or an aerialist who wants to work on lovely lines, Aerial Dance is for you. Level : Intermediate Prerequisite : 1 FUNdamentals
Mat Classes
  • Ubound


  • Barre


  • Yin/Yang Yoga

    Yin/Yang Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

    Yin Yoga

  • Upper Body Blitz

  • Hot Pilates

  • Core Pilates